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About Clifford Stockton III

Clifford, or "Cliff", is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana, and Memphis, Tennessee, and a graduate of Butler University. A Memphian by choice, he has dedicated his professional and much of his personal life to community service, civic engagement, and education. Cliff serves as program director for school and community engagement, developing and implementing outreach strategies to immerse local schools in literacy-based programming. Clifford is a father of four children and married to his love, Monica Stockton. With his family, he resides and connects in District 97.

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A Letter from Cliff: Representing District 97

A frequently asked question of politicians and candidates alike is, “Why would you want to run for office and have your life on display?”.
There’s fear around the concept of losing personal freedoms and space, managing a campaign, and serving as an elected official on top of the everyday responsibilities associated with family, work, and relationships.

On a larger scale, the idea of joining an already complex, dysfunctional political landscape in hopes of one day bringing about change is a daunting thought. In spite of those challenges, I am up to the task. Running for office requires an intentional amount of responsibility, tenacity, and allegiance to the community, and I am ready to serve my community with this vigor for years to come in District 97 of the Tennessee General Assembly House.

Historically, large populations of citizens - particularly those in Southwest Tennessee, Shelby County, and Memphis - have been disproportionately impacted by decision-making at the state level. Expired policies and processes have outlived generations because of state tradition and political influence, thus directly and indirectly marginalizing our communities and discouraging citizens from participating in the non-presidential elections altogether. People like you. People like me.

The time has come for the left out to be brought in - into civic engagement opportunities and public arenas, into conversations,  and into the democratic republic process as citizens with valuable lived experiences and input. The opportunity to make the change is upon us. I invite you to be the change that we want to see not just in our community or district, but our state and country overall.

Together, as citizens and with me as your representative in the House, we can create a systemic impact that reflects Shelby County's values. 

Do this with me. 

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