Real Issues and Resolutions 

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Clifford is a proud graduate of public schools, and as a former teacher and instructional/leadership coach, he has worked with our kids in their classrooms and our education leaders in their buildings. He understands the challenges our students and teachers are up against. Clifford believes every child deserves a safe environment to learn, and no teacher should be treated less than the professionals they are. He knows that vouchers are not the solution - they only drain much-needed resources from the very schools that need it most. Clifford will lead the fight for fully-funded public schools.

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Criminal Justice & Public Saftey

Clifford has spent 20 years serving the communities he grew up in. While the privilege to serve these neighborhoods has been an honor, he is confronted every day with a harsh reality: the system is not working for our children or our community. Our jails are overcrowded with low-level offenders saddled with mandatory minimum sentences that offer little chance at rehabilitation. Far too many young people end up in the justice system and cannot escape a cycle of crime and poverty. Clifford will be ready from the day after election to take the lead on common-sense reforms that will reduce recidivism and break the school-to-prison pipeline. We have to create and be the change we want to see in our neighborhoods.

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Economic Development & Mobility

West Tennessee is a great place to live and raise a family, and our area is bearing witness to tremendous growth. We have seen what’s happening in cities like Atlanta and Nashville - the cost of living is going up, but wages remain stagnant. We can do better. Clifford  knows that every family that works hard deserves to earn a liveable wage and access to affordable healthcare.   Clifford will work to ensure that our bottom corner of Tennessee is attracting quality jobs,  and that our families can live healthy, productive lives, like my grandfather Clifford Stockton Sr. did in Memphis, years ago. 

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